About Us

Green Step Adventures is an outdoor school offering a low risk and stimulating introduction to outdoor activities designed to cater for schools, businesses and individuals.


We are a partner of one of the oldest climbing centers in China, which for over 15 years, has offered high quality indoor climbing courses to the Shanghai community. Due to our vast and diverse knowledge of outdoor activities, we are able to design and implement multiple programs for a variety of different groups, resulting in our clients successfully enjoying the activities they want.

Green Step Adventures trips are arranged with professionalism and with the highest possible standards. Many outdoor programs offer trips with amazing challenges, so why Green Step Adventures?

The distinct feature of our trips is that we are trying to link all activities in one bigger and more exciting adventure. Our students will become Indians, wizards and/or explorers. By immersing our students into new worlds we hope to uncover and develop their hidden skills. Our programs allow students to think for themselves and get involved in planning. The challenges help kids to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It also teaches them what inhibits them, what they are comfortable with, what causes them to grow.

" In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration. " - Ansel Adams


The main goal of Green Step Adventures is to introduce our students to the beauty of nature and the pleasure brought by taking part in outdoor challenges. Our program focuses on improving communication and cooperation through rock climbing, team building games, rafting and many other engaging activities.

Our experimental educational programs will take you out of the cities and places you in the natural environment where you can discover your hidden virtues.

By interacting with the natural surroundings and each other, our students can learn valuable skills needed to succeed in life.

Our Team

Green Step Adventures multinational team is composed of passionate and experienced outdoor lovers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our team and the quality of the service which they provide.

If we are not challenging ourselves with climbing rocks or attempting the high mountains somewhere on our globe, then probably you will find us training at the Hengyi climbing gym. We love all kind of sport but rock climbing and being outdoor is our lifestyle.



Ola is one of the kind. She love all kind of outdoor sports and activities. She is climbing, running, horse riding, paragliding, skydiving, she love trekking and bicycling. She is one of the strongest female climbers in the world with amazing list of the fist ascents climbs.

But sport and outdoor are not the only Olas interests. Her master degree in Physics from the best technical university in the country or the number of the publications she has in travelling a outdoor magazines is a good prove for that.



Every climber in China know or heard about Maoniu. By opening one of the first (and right now the oldest one) climbing gyms in China and developing the first outdoor climbing areas around Shanghai Maonius influence in outdoor sports in China is Huge.

In the everyday life Moniu like training tricks on his slack-line and taking his 6 years old son for the trekking around Shanghai.



Iven is a recent addition to the Green Step Adventures team and we are so blessed to have her. She have been working with the Shanghai international school kids for over 7 years now. She loves outdoors and sport.

Customers Feedback

"The trip was super! Best class trip I ever did! Thank you for this great experience! Me and the kids enjoyed the trip a lot! For me it was great to observe how the class improved together as a team. After some skepticism before and in the first hours, all kids enjoyed the "simply way of life", to be outside the whole day, to talk together at the campfire, to cook together and to have enough time to play together. For me, it was the most exciting and relaxed class trip I ever did (and I did a lot!). The organisation was great and the tour leaders were amazing with the kids. We had a lot of fun!"

-- Sabine(Class Teacher)

"The whole trip was very well organised. It was a great place and interesting, diverse program"

-- Grit (Class Teacher)

Team Past Times

When we are not working with our wonderful clients you can find us doing the following:

Rock climbing 51%
Slack lining 60%
Climbing training 90%
Running 34%
Yoga 49%